Gallipoli Cafe & Bistro

Gallipoli Bazaar; we are the third of the Gallipoli’s restaurant group, opened in 2003, just like the first two we quickly became a very popular and trendy hotspot and yet again in keeping with the previous two, we maintained our famously well known and loved decor.

Off course we continued with the preparation and serving of our fabulous blend of Turkish & Mediterranean cuisine, which consists of simple but authentic Tagine dishes, succulent kebabs and delicious mezze washed down with fun cocktails or full bodied house wines.

In Bazaar we have created a more intimate downstairs with beautifully hand carved copper tables and chairs. We particularly paid attention to making Gallipoli Bazaar a more chilled out place with comfy and relaxing couches, we think creates and provides a perfect atmosphere for trendy socialising people. We also have an upstairs seating area that is perfect to use as a function room or even more ideal for families events and romantic evenings out.


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Gallipoli Cafe & Bistro