Gallipoli Again

Catering at Gallipoli Islington

When planning an event, there's nothing more complicated and worrisome than trying to figure out how you're going to feed X amount of people, fill them up with satisfying food, enough food and not lose any of the quality. Well it's a good thing that there is no further need to worry.

At Gallipoli Islington, we've got you covered. From appetizers, to entrees, to drinks and desserts, we've got the entire night covered and taken care of, so you can spend the evening enjoying yourself!

The great part about Gallipoli Islington is that we are local, so events in Islington are so simple for us. We bring the party to you! Whether it's at a venue you've chosen nearby that means something special to you or even a large space in your own home, we will bring the goods you need to get the party started. And no need to worry, we also travel, so no matter how far in London you're going, we'll follow.

Gallipoli is great at portion size as well, so feeding a large amount of people is no problem for us. And while creating a high volume to some may be difficult, we make sure every morsel of food is given the same care and attention as if you were coming to Gallipoli for a quiet dinner out. At the end of the day, there is no one who could do it better than us anyway. So stop stressing! Contact us and let us deal with your worries. It's what we love to do!