O Mother Where Eat Thou

O Mother Where Eat Thou?

10 March 2015

Mother's Day is a fantastic day of the year. An entire day to celebrate, revere and praise the main reason you're here on this Earth: YOUR MUM! It is said that there is nothing in the world like a mother's love and ain't that the truth? It's a love that's tender, deeper than any you've ever experienced and can even be harsher than any kind of love you ever receive. Why? Because no one wants more for you in this life but her. So on the one day a year where Mothers everywhere in the country are being celebrated, make sure yours feels more special and loved than usual. Spoil her, get her some lovely flowers, and while you're at it make sure you take her to a nice restaurant whose main goal is to make sure every customer, especially a mother, is treated with care, respect and attentiveness.

At Gallipoli Islington, we make it our duty to make sure that our customers are treated with the kindness you'd expect from family or friends. Because Mother's Day to us is more than just another holiday to buy a card for, it's a memory to be made. We cook the best Turkish/Mediterranean food you'll find in London in the heart of Islington just a short walk from Angel and Highbury & Islington Station. We're central, we're local and we're here to serve you and your loved ones. After all, you only have one mother, so spoil her! Happy Mother's Day!

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